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Logo Design for Fashion Branding

Fashion branding requires a clear and competitive strategy to be successful, utilising specific core values and appealing to the target market. A key part of the entire branding development is the creation of the brand identity, that not only reflects your own ideas, but also communicates effectively what your brand represents.


Creating a logo for your fashion business requires a deep understanding of your brand strategy, vision and values. Fashion logos have many facets to develop, not only a consideration on what type of design style to employ – looking at typography, iconography, colours, form, etc. – but also how your logo should translate and transpose to its applications in advertising and marketing, on-garment positioning, printed and digital usage and have the flexibility to adapt to all these and a change with the seasons.


An example of this would be how your brand may have a unique colour, when used in isolation (such as your shopfront), but the logo should be able to easily adapt to and be applied with other colours (such as on-garment branding) seamlessly, without affecting the style of the brand.


The goal of a successful fashion brand is to look effortless whilst obtaining great respect and consideration in their appearance, and developing a logo that works well for your brand will help establish the recognition and success it deserves.


The team at Clinton Smith have been helping brands and companies in the fashion sector develop their identity for many years. From fashion startups to rebranding an existing identity, we have developed several successful fashion brand logos, and provided the creative solutions in application to marketing and advertising design, printed merchandise and the design and development of online stores.


If you are looking for an experienced design team to create your fashion brand identity, contact us today.

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