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New Product Branding & Packaging Design

Launching a new product (or products) in the market is a challenge, but one that can be achieved successfully with great branding.


For the most part, people buy brands, not products. They often buy the same brand because they have grown to trust in the familiar. But often they will venture to try a rival who catch their eye. And this is where your brand needs to grab the consumers attention and convince them that your product(s) is not only a suitable alternative, but a better alternative!


A brand is more than just the product (or products), it’s the visual conveyor of what your product is all about. Branding should offer a solid, well connected experience throughout the product life and beyond. From the logo (brand identity), packaging design and marketing strategy, all play an equal part in connecting with your consumer – and from researching and understanding your target market to develop a brand strategy, you aim to confidently launch your brand.


The team at Clinton Smith have been actively creating and developing product brands for over 40 years. We have helped launch a number of successful product brands into the market, covering food & drink, electrical equipment and devices, health & beauty products and unique products for other markets.


We offer the following branding services:
– Brand naming
Brand identity/logo design
Product branding & packaging design
Printed leaflets and brochure design
Advertising design (both print and online advertising)
Website design & development
– Social media graphics/images
– Point of sale display units
– In-store promotional material


If you need help to create a product brand or branded packaging design, contact us today.

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