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Rebranding / Updating A Company Logo

Rebranding is a popular marketing strategy employed by businesses for any number of reasons. Perhaps the brand or company will be using a new name, it may be changing its business model, it may be changing its identity to try and establish itself better in the market, maybe to be more appealing to customers or investors or simply to stand out from its competitors. Or perhaps no radical overhaul is needed and the desire is simply to make a minor tweak to the established identity to suit current market conditions/styles.


Whatever the reason for you to rebrand your business, it should only be done by first thoroughly reviewing your current position and then come up with the best strategy to take your brand forwards. This is best done by discussing your new brand requirements with a creative branding agency, like Clinton Smith Design, who will work with you and create a rebranding strategy that meets your brand goals. This could include the new brand logo, colour schemes, typographic and narrative approach, tone of voice, digital application and marketing strategy to promote your brand.


Small Business Rebranding

Unlike a large corporations, small businesses do not always have the resources or budgets for marketing a change of identity. However, a small business can often have a safer outcome to a rebrand than a larger organisation, as their market share and impact of a rebrand will usually be more rewarding in a shorter time frame. For many smaller companies is could simply mean just a new logo design that works better in the previous incarnation that helps to reflect the company brand better.


If you are a planning to rebrand your business, contact us today.

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